Pre-Twinkle Violin

Violin For Preschool and Early Elementary School Beginners

Young musicians and their parents will learn introductory violin technique and develop general music skills through the Kodaly method. Parents and caregivers will learn alongside their children in one 30 minute class each week. Each class is a sharing of songs, simple violin techniques and pieces, rhythm chants, and movement activities in a relaxed, playful non-performance-oriented setting. Each child will move at their own pace while enjoying the support and their families. Pre- Twinkle violin classes are 30 minutes of PURE FUN with your child every week.


Pre-twinkle classes are based on the recognition that all children are musical.  All children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence in the music of our culture, providing that their early environment supports such learning. By emphasizing actual music experiences rather than concepts about music, Pre-Twinkle Violin introduces children to the pleasures of making music instead of passively receiving it from CDs or TV.

Central to the Pre-Twinkle Violin approach is that young children learn best from the powerful role model of parents/caregivers who are actively making music.  The program brings families together by providing a rich musical environment in the studio and by facilitating family participation in spontaneous musical activity at home within the context of daily life


  • One class per week
  • Arranged Individually
  • Child’s parent or caregiver must participate


  • No supplies necissary
  • Correct size violin will be provided at each lesson



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