College Entrance Requirements

If you are persuing violin as a career, you will likely be applying to major conservatorys. The following list is guideline of entrance requirments at some of the top university level violin programs. As you are applying please check with each university for the most up to date requirements. 


4 compositions


2 contrasting mvt. of unacc. Bach
1 mvt. of a concerto
3 oct. maj/min scales/arp


fast & slow mvt. from any concerto
1 mvt. unacc. Bach
2 contrasting brilliant concert pieces
1 Paganini Caprice and 1 study Rode, Gavinies, Wieniawski, Op. 10,
Paganini, Op. 1
maj/min scales/arp in 3 oct. with double stops
1 piece of above composed since 1939


3 oct. maj/min scales
1st mvt. standard concerto
2 contrasting mvt. unacc. Bach


scales/arp in 3 oct, scales in thirds & octaves – all keys
etudes – Kreutzer, etc.
2 contrasting mvt. unaccomp. Bach
fast & slow mvt. any concerto
short salon piece


all maj/min scales
2 etudes – Rode, Dont, Kreutzer, Gavinies
2 mvt. contrasting unaccomp. Bach
1 mvt. standard concerto


1 mvt. Bach
1st mvt. standard concerto
etude – Dont, Gavinies, Rode, Paganini
maj/min scales in 16th notes, 3 oct.


1 maj/min scale
1 etude
1st mvt. concerto
1 solo piece