Tuition Plans

0The School of Music year begins Sept. 5, 2022 and ends June 18, 2023. There are 35 lessons in the school year.0We do not observe any holidays except those listed on our date sheet. Sign-up sheets for the summer
lessons are available in June.

The tuition plan outlined below can be found here. You will be required to sign a copy at the first lesson.

Annual Tuition Plan: Fees

  • Year 1 or 5 years olds

    30-minute private lesson
    10 monthly payments of $105 each


  • Year 2 or 6 years olds

    45-minute private lesson
    10 monthly payments of $158 each


  • Year 3  or age 7 and up

    60-minute private lesson
    10 monthly payments of $210 each


  • Individual Lesson

    60-minute only – $70

Annual Tuition Plan: Policies

  1. Tuition is due by the 7th of the month.
  2. Regular attendance is absolutely necessary to ensure continuity and progress. There will be no make-up lessons or adjustments in tuition for occasional absences due to illness or other conflicts. Parent conferences, special events, and recitals should more than compensate for an occasional absence.
  3. Tuition will be prorated for students who discontinue lessons before the session ends on August 31, 2021. Tuition is calculated per private lesson as follows but includes all group activities:
    • 30 min. lesson ($30.00)
    • 45 min. lesson ($45.00)
    • 60 min. lesson ($60.00)